First Things First For Eating Disorders

“The Practice of Positive Control In Making and Maintaining Recoveries”
Thursday March 1, 2018 at 7:30 PM
213 West 35 Street, Room 806, Eighth Floor

About First Things First For Eating Disorders…

First Things First is neither a Support Group nor is it a Therapy Group. First Things First is an Interactive Motivational Group for Positive Change. The focus in First Things First is to give attendees the mindset to adjust their convictions and behaviors strongly in favor of lasting recoveries.

First Things First meetings are professionally led by William Skerker, a Manhattan therapist in private practice for 39 years. First Things First meetings are FREE of charge and are open ONLY to those with an eating disorder AND to supportive families and friends of eating disordered individuals.

Future dates, last minute information, weather cancellations, and any changes will be posted on the First Things First Website

Future First Things First Dates
March 1, 2018 Topic: “The Practice of Positive Control In Making and Maintaining Recoveries”
April 5, 2018
May 3, 2018
June 7, 2018

To register for FirstThingsFirst we require the name, personal email address, and personal cell or landline phone number for each registrant. Our onetime registration allows attendees to come to as many of the monthly meetings as they would prefer. Reregistering for each monthly group is not necessary.

Please register by sending an email with your information to, or by text or cell at 917.692.8193.

You may also contact CoAdministrator Ellen Schieren at or by text or cell at 516.510.9001 for both registration and further information.

All personal and group information is held in confidence by myself and Ellen Schieren, the CoAdministrator of First Things First.

On a personal note, many people have reported that seeking an individual therapist is a daunting experience fraught with time and expense. For persons that are seeking a therapist I offer a complimentary first consultation as a matter of course. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding First Things First, or if you have questions about treatment or wish to set up a consultation.

Always feel free to contact Ellen Schieren, CoAdminstrator, or myself for any questions, concerns, or information!

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